Robin Kingsland in Arcadia

Robin Kingsland will be playing Captain Brice in the revival of Tom Stoppard’s infamous comedy, Arcadia at the Nottingham Playhouse.

A serious comedy about science, sex and landscape gardening.

1809: Lust, longing and literary rivalry seize the inhabitants of Sidley Park, a grand house in Derbyshire, where proposals for the remodelling of the landscape are being contemplated. In the midst of this, the teenage Thomasina Coverly is making a scientific discovery that could change the way people understand the world.

The present: Rivalry once again seizes the inhabitants of Sidley Park, as academics Bernard and Hannah compete to unpick the historic secrets of the estate and its earlier occupants. Who was the mysterious hermit? Do the scrawlings in a young lady’s notebook show her to be a scientific genius? What – if anything – was Lord Byron up to?

Arcadia is an exuberantly funny, thought-provoking and touching masterpiece which has dazzled audiences from the National Theatre to Broadway. The production will run at the Nottingham playhouse from 31st October – 15th November.

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