Catherine Ashdown – Grud

This Summer, Catherine Ashdown will play the role of Bo in Grud

As the new term begins, Sixth Form students are preoccupied with mocks, UCAS applications, and the gossip about Elliot Park and Georgia Smith’s lunchtime encounter in the study room. Amidst the chaos, Aicha, reeling from her loss in the student president election, channels her energy into the school’s ‘Extended Physics Project,’ fondly dubbed Space Club. One afternoon, the usually introverted Bo unexpectedly joins, doubling the club’s membership. While Aicha is thrilled by her mysterious new friend, Bo is grappling with the turmoil at home, a black hole threatening to derail her dreams. She’s worked so hard to launch herself into bigger and better things – but will Grud eclipse her efforts and pull her off course?

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