Cassidy Little – Doom: Annihilation

Cassidy plays the supporting role of gunship pilot Morgan in Doom: Annihilation, produced by Universal 1440 Entertainment, directed by Tony Giglio and slated for release this Autumn. 

Based off the pioneering video game, it follows a group of Space Marines as they respond to a distress call from a base belonging to the Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC) on one of the Martian Moons, only to discover that it has been overrun by demonic creatures who threaten to create Hell on Earth. 

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Greg Jones – Carleton Hobbs Bursary Award

It is with great pleasure to announce that our outstanding Greg Jones has won the Carleton Hobbs Radio Award.

Carleton Hobbs was a highly acclaimed actor on film, stage, and television but especially on the airwaves. Hobbs, or ‘Hobbo’ to his friends, was famed for playing Sherlock Holmes in over 80 radio adaptations of Conan Doyle’s stories while being a regular on Children’s Hour and playing everything from a lizard in The Streets of Pompeii to the elderly Adam in As You Like It. Upon his death in 1978 at the age of 80 the BBC’s Student Acting Prize was renamed in his honour. 

Since 1953, BBC Radio Drama has selected 5 award-winners every year from the country’s best drama schools, in Greg’s case that being the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA). The Bursary grants the recipient a highly-prized 5-month contract with the BBC’s highly acclaimed Radio Drama Company. 

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Michael Geary – Orpheus Descending

Michael costars as Pee Wee Binnings in Tennessee Williams’ Orpheus Descending running at Theatr Clwyd on the 15th of April until the 27th of April before transferring to the Menier Chocolate Factory from the 9th of  May to the 6th of July.

A modern retelling of the Greek myth of Orpheus, it is set in a dry goods store in a small southern town defined by conformity, sexual frustration, narrowness and racism. In this scene enters Val: a young man with a guitar, a badass snakeskin jacket, a questionable past and undeniable erotic energy and appeal.

He gets a job at the dry goods store run by a middle-aged woman called Lady whose elderly husband is knocking on death’s door. She finds herself becoming attracted to Val and the new life he seems to offer in the form of a tempting antidote to her loveless marriage and boring hum-drum life. 

The play describes the awakening of passion, love and life as well as its tragic consequences for both Val and Lady.

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James Vaughan – The Capture

James guest stars at a Judge in the debut episode of the BBC’s major upcoming conspiracy thriller The Capture airing later this year on BBC One. 

A story set in the modern day landscape of misinformation and”alternative facts” where intelligence services have extraordinary technological capabilities, it sees a man being blamed for a crime he didn’t commit but where the visual images used as evidence have been so drastically and accurately manipulated it supposedly irrefutably incriminates him.

With this man’s arrest the conspiracy soon escalates into a multi-layered web of manipulated evidence and the characters are caught in a world where nothing is as it seems. With soldiers, police, lawyers and spies lost in their own personal struggles and with their love lives entangled in a myriad of deceptions and double-crosses they must try to overcome all of these obstacles in order to determine the truth.

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Hanna Ardéhn, Anita Olatunji & Christopher Wollter – Quicksand

Hanna stars in the lead role of  Maja Norbert, Anita co-stars as American lawyer Barbara Collins and Christopher co-stars as Maja’s father Erik in Netflix’s crime drama based on the bestselling novel Quicksand by Malin Person Giolito.

This is Sweden’s first original Netflix series which premiered on the 15th of February at the Berlin International Film Festival, has its Swedish premiere on March 27th, before launching worldwide on Netflix on the 5th of April.

It’s directed by Per-Olav Sørensen (Nobel, The Saboteurs) and Lisa Farzaneh (Arne Dahl, Det som göms i snö), written by Camilla Ahlgren (The Bridge, Marcella) and produced by FLX Productions.

After a mass shooting at a private school in Stockholm’s wealthiest suburb, high-school student Maja finds herself on trial for murder. As they unearth the details of that tragic day, it also reveals private details about her relationship with Sebastian Fagerman (played by Felix Sandman) and his dysfunctional family.

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Anwar Lynch – The Hustle

Anwar is plays a supporting role in the upcoming comedy The Hustle starring Rebel Wilson and Anne Hathaway and slated for release on the 10th of May 2019.

Directed by British comedian Chris Addison, this modern-day remake of 1988’s classic comedy Dirty Rotten Scoundrels pits two down-and-out con artists, played by Wilson and Hathaway, in a “Loser Leaves Town” battle of wits and swindling. 

Anwar one of the poor men duped by our two “heroines”, well as the ladies say on film “We are better at faking it!” 

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Katia Elizarova – Hobbs and Shaw

Katia plays a supporting role as the head Flight Attendant in The Fast and Furious Present: Hobbs and Shaw set for release on July the 26th 2019.

Part of the Fast and Furious franchise which has grossed over $5 billion worldwide, this spin-off centres around franchise stalwarts Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw.

Hobbs, played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, is a hard-boiled federal agent working for the Diplomatic Security Service. Shaw, played by Jason Statham, is a ex-Special Forces assassin-turned-mercenary who was imprisoned by Hobbs after the events of Furious 7 and The Fate of the Furious.

They are forced to team up with MI6 agent Hattie Shaw (Vanessa Kirby) to defeat Brixton Lore, a genetically & cybernetically-enhanced terrorist leader and criminal mastermind. 

Katia plays a very stern Russian flight attendant who is preparing the passengers for take off but just when they’re ready Dwayne Johnson rocks up by opening the plane’s heavy door – resulting in Katia giving the action mega-star the bollocking of his life!! 

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Reginald Edwards – Anne

Reg filmed the supporting role of a  Sun Reporter in the Miniseries ANNE commissioned by Polly Hill Head of Drama ITV. 

The series will depict how Anne Williams challenged medical evidence following her son’s original inquest, and refused to accept its verdict of accidental death. 

The four-part mini-series (4 x 60”) is written by Kevin Sampson, author of the book Hillsborough Voices, which depicts the tragic events of the day, and what unfolded in the hours, days and years after the disaster. Sampson was at the 1989 semi-final as a fan, and interviewed Anne Williams for Hillsborough Voices. Below Maxine Peake transformed into Anne Williams. 

Release date is still to be announced by ITV 


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Josh Harper – Shakespeare and Hathaway

Josh is guest-starring as Ant Donahue in the second series of BBC’s mystery comedy-drama Shakespeare and Hathaway: Private Investigators returning to daytime television on the 25th of February!

Starring Jo Joyner and Mark Benton as Luella Shakespeare and private investigator Frank Hathaway, it follows Hathaway and Shakespeare after she hires him to investigate her fiancé she met online.

Hathaway and his assistant Sebastian discover her fiancé is a con-man but the wedding goes on as planned resulting in her fiancé being murdered at the reception.

With Luella accused of his murder, she is forced to work with Frank and Sebastian to solve the mystery of what happened and, eventually, to take Frank’s fledgling investigation company to the next level.

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Robin Kingsland – The Browning Version

Robin co-stars in Rapture Theatre Company’s The Browning Version which has been touring across Scotland since February and is set to finish at the East Kilbride Arts Centre on the 10th of March.

Set in an English public boy’s school after the Second World War, it follows Andrew Cocker-Harris who is being forced from his position as the school’s classics master due to ill health.

As he wraps up his final term in office he is shocked to discover that not only has his wife Millie been unfaithful with one of his fellow schoolmasters but also that the students and members of the faculty have long disdained him.  However, after an unexpected act of kindness, Cocker-Harris is made to re-evaluate his life’s work. 

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