Stefanie Powers – One November Yankee

This Autumn Stefanie will be starring in Joshua Ravetch’s new play One November Yankee alongside LA Law and Clash of the Titans’ Harry Hamlin.

One November Yankee will send audiences soaring to great heights. One plane, two actors, and three intricately interwoven stories. The play explores human connection brought on by tragedy in the aftermath of a plane crash that ripples across the lives of our characters. The Los Angeles Times calls One November Yankee a ‘haunting and poetic’ flight that ‘unfolds like theatrical origami.’

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Ross Telfer & Anita Olatunji – The Witcher

Ross & Anita have a recurring roles in Netflix’s upcoming fantasy epic The Witcher, premiering worldwide later this year. 

Based off the best-selling books by Andrzej Sapkowski The Witcher stars Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia, a member of a long-maligned brotherhood of monster-slayers for hire known as Witchers.  They are mutated by a decoction of reagents and potions known as the Trial of the Grasses which renders them quicker and sharper than a regular man (and gives them their trademark cat-like eyes). However they have been subject to many pogroms and persecutions resulting in the secret of the Trials being lost to time. Therefore Geralt is one of the very few Witchers left still plying their trade across the continent. 

This solitary monster-hunter finds himself running into the powerful sorceress Yennefer and a young princess with a very dangerous secret named Ciri who must navigate the increasingly volatile world together as they discover that people can often prove to be more wicked than beasts.

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Cassidy Little – Midsomer Murders

Cassidy is guest-starring as Duncan Strachan in ITV’s long-running murder mystery Midsomer Murders airing on ITV1 later this year. 

Based off a series of novels by Caroline Graham, Midsomer Murders has been gracing our TV screens since 1997 and has been a worldwide success ever since its first episode. 

Set within a number of small idyllic English country villages, 277 people have met their untimely end in the County of Midsomer, succumbing  to death via slide projector, liquid nicotine, vintage claret, a doped horse, and King Neptune’s trident to name but a few.

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Vicky Myers – Ackley Bridge

Vicky has joined the cast of Ackley Bridge in the recurring role of Debbie Gartside.

Set in a school in the fictional Yorkshire mill town of the same name, it follows the goings-on inside the corridors of the new-founded academy school Ackley Bridge College which has been formed out of the merger of two different schools in the town, one predominantly Asian and one predominantly white.

Trying to keep it all under control is headmistress Mandy who has her hands full dealing with explosive fall-outs and problem pupils. 

Series 3 of Ackley Bridge is currently on air on Channel 4. 

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David Young – The Night of the Iguana

David has joined the cast of  Tennessee Williams’ The Night of the Iguana running at the Noel Coward Theatre from the 6th of July until the 28th of September.

Starring Clive Owen, Anna Gunn (aka Skyler from Breaking Bad), Lia Williams and Julian Glover, this adaptation of Tennessee Williams’ last great play is being directed by the acclaimed theatre and film director James Macdonald.

Written in 1940 and adapted into a 1964 Oscar-nominated film starring Richard Burton and Ava Gardner, it focuses primarily on the story of Lawrence Shannon, a disgraced ex-minister who has been forced to work as a tour guide for a two-bit travel agency in Mexico, and Hannah Jelkes, a spinster who is a member of Lawrence’s tour group travelling with her ailing grandfather.

Throw in the grieving widow who runs the hotel & a family of jubilant Nazis and the result is an epic battle between flesh and spirit, captivity and freedom, art and faith; all set in the Mexican rainforest in the midst of a torrential downpour.

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Rosie Thomson – The Anastasia File

Rosie Thomson co-starred in the 4-hander play The Anastasia File at The Theatre Royal Windsor from the July 3rd & running to July 13th. 

July 1918. Tsar Nicholas II and his young family are brutally executed by the Bolsheviks in Ekaterinburg. Two years later in Berlin, a young woman is pulled from a canal following a failed suicide attempt and brought to a mental hospital. She remains there for many years and as doctors and the police puzzle over her identity, she slowly begins to reveal details about her past that lead those who attend her to believe that she may, in fact, be the Grand Duchess Anastasia, the heir to the Romanov fortune.

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James Vaughan – The Capture

James guest stars at a Judge in the debut episode of the BBC’s major upcoming conspiracy thriller The Capture airing later this year on BBC One. 

A story set in the modern day landscape of misinformation and”alternative facts” where intelligence services have extraordinary technological capabilities, it sees a man being blamed for a crime he didn’t commit but where the visual images used as evidence have been so drastically and accurately manipulated it supposedly irrefutably incriminates him.

With this man’s arrest the conspiracy soon escalates into a multi-layered web of manipulated evidence and the characters are caught in a world where nothing is as it seems. With soldiers, police, lawyers and spies lost in their own personal struggles and with their love lives entangled in a myriad of deceptions and double-crosses they must try to overcome all of these obstacles in order to determine the truth.

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Ellie Nunn, Nicholas Clarke & Lizzie Mounter – Soldier On

Ellie, Nicholas and Lizzie all co-star in Johnathan Guy Lewis’ Soldier On performing at the Wells Theatre Festival, the Oval Hall in Sheffield coinciding with the UK Trials for the Invictus Games, and a Canadian Tour later this year.

Featuring both trained actors and genuine veterans, it tells the story of a haphazard conglomeration of ex-servicemen and military wives who come together to devise a play about their experiences and their lives post-deployment. This expertly written and sublimely performed script is both hilarious and moving, uplifting and harrowing, and focuses on issues such as PTSD and finding your place in the civilian world. 

Ellie plays Sophie, one of the most enthusiastic members of the company and the wife of Donny (played by Nicholas), a highly abusive and deeply troubled ex-serviceman trying to drink away his demons.

Nicholas also plays Jacko, one of the soldiers involved in the project.

Lizzie is both Beth, a Welsh military wife, and Chrissy, a friend of Maggie played by Rekha John-Cheriyan. 

Soldier On is produced by The Soldier’s Arts Academy, an award-winning charity focusing on using the arts to help soldiers and members of the military family overcome their myriad of troubles.

The show has received glittering critical acclaim for its performances at London’s Playground Theatre and The Other Palace with 5 Stars from the Evening Standard, British Theatre Guide and West End Wilma and 4 Star reviews from the Sunday Times, the Daily Mail and Londonist. 

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Femi Houghton – Doctors

Femi guest-starred as Sean Lowe in the BBC’s long-running daytime drama Doctors which aired on the 17th of June.

Sean struggles with his mental health, having been diagnosed with schizophrenia. While he manages this usually with the help of medication, he has recently changed his meds, something that is having an adverse effect on him, causing him disorientation and severe paranoia leading him to believe that the people in the local community are after him for crimes connected to his wayward teenage years. 

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Amy Allen – Hamlet

Amy co-stars as Marcellus in Shakespeare’s Hamlet at the Petersfield Shakespeare Festival from the 24th to the 28th of July and the Brighton Open Air Theatre from the 29th to the 30th of July. 

Directed by Jake Smith, this rendition of Shakespeare’s revenge classic is made up of a cast of 10 constantly switching roles in the Amphitheatre at Bedales School surrounded by the stunning scenery of the South Downs before transferring to the Brighton Open Air Theatre (affectionally nicknamed The Boat) for two nights. 

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