Robin Kingsland – Call the Midwife

Robin will be co-starring in an episode of the upcoming eighth season of BBC’s Call the Midwife premiering on BBC One at 8pm on Sunday 13th of January. 

Set in the East End of London in the late 1950s and early 1960s, this period drama tells the story of nurses and midwives in the poverty-stricken neighbourhood of Poplar and is based off the trilogy of memoirs written by Jennifer Worth, the first book being the series’ namesake.

The post-World War II “Baby Boom”, the wave of immigration from the Commonwealth Nations following the Second World War, the foundation of the NHS in 1948, unexploded bombs left over from the Blitz, the threat of nuclear war and the introduction of contraceptive medication have all been featured in the show’s seven-series history.  

Robin will be playing Doctor Macallister, a surgeon specialising in cleft pallet surgery who is brought in to consult with a worried mother about an operation her newborn requires. 

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