Jamie Newall & Reginald Edwards – The Tempest

tTwo of our clients will starred in the Iris Theatre’s production of The Tempest, Shakespeare’s timeless tale of power, magic, deceit and love.

Jamie Newall played Prospero, a fiercely intelligent and occasionally ruthless man who lords it over the various creatures who inhabit a mysterious island which he has been forced to call his home. A former Duke who has uncovered the powerful (and often dark) arts of magic, Prospero is one of Shakespeare’s most contradictory and multifarious protagonists, and we can’t wait to see Jamie bring him to life. 

Reginald Edwards took double duty, starring as both Stephano and Sebastian, two antagonists and would-be usurpers who attempt to sow discord throughout the story. Stephano, a drunken and garrulous butler, schemes to claim Prospero’s island for his own. Sebastian, meanwhile, plots to overthrow his brother (and king) Alonso. Good luck to Reginald for this dastardly duty of bringing these two mischief-makers to life.

Directed by Daniel Winder, the production took inspiration from 17th century royal masques, and was beautiful and moving.

The Tempest ran from Wednesday 20th June to Saturday 28th July at the Iris Theatre.

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