Gareth Bennett-Ryan & David Bark-Jones- The Confessions of Frannie Langton

Gareth & David is currently filming Drama Republic’s multi-part drama The Confessions of Frannie Langton, coming to ITV in the near future.

Based off the Costa First Novel Award-winning book by Sara Collins, it follows the young Frannie Langton who was born into a life of bondage and fights tooth-and-nail to tell her own story. 

Committing to historical authenticity, it charts Frannie’s journey from a sugar plantation on Jamaica to the opulent Mayfair home of her new owner, scientist George Benham, and his stunning wife Marguerite whom Frannie ends up passionately in love with.

However, after George and Marguerite Benham are found murdered in their beds, Frannie is accused of murder and dragged to prison.

Frannie must desperately try to piece together the events of that night in her mind as well as a crippling addition to laudanum, the liquid form of Opium.

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