Alex Britt – F**king Men

Alex Britt is part  of the new cast in F**king Men, a fascinating, funny and provocative story of sex, love and connection.

A modern retelling of Schnitzler’s infamous classic ‘La Ronde’, this dramatic comedy follows 10 men through a series of erotic encounters that change their lives in small but significant ways.

In a raw and updated new version for 2023, Tony-winning writer Joe DiPietro (‘Memphis’, ‘The Toxic Avenger,’ ‘What’s New Pussycat?’), takes a sharp and insightful look at the experiences of modern gay men as they navigate their conflicting desires for the comfort of monogamous love and the thrill of sexual freedom.

It starts previews at Waterloo East Theatre from Thursday 20 April. The strictly limited season is booking to Sunday 18 June.

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