Alana Ramsey – Young Marx

Alana is playing the role of Mrs Mullet in the production of Young Marx at the Bridge Theatre previews from 18th October, press night 26th October and running until 31st December 2017. 

1850, and Europe’s most feared terrorist is hiding in Dean Street, Soho. Broke, restless and horny, the thirty-two-year-old revolutionary is a frothing combination of intellectual brilliance, invective, satiric wit, and child-like emotional illiteracy.

Creditors, spies, rival revolutionary factions and prospective seducers of his beautiful wife all circle like vultures. His writing blocked, his marriage dying, his friend Engels in despair at his wasted genius, his only hope is a job on the railway. But there’s still no one in the capital who can show you a better night on the piss than Karl Heinrich Marx.

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Cassidy Little – Rated

This month saw the launch of the brand new film and games review show. Made for Forces TV and presented by Cassidy Little. The first episode aired on October 19th.  

Ex Royal Marine Cassidy Little lost his right leg in his second tour of Afghanistan in 2011. He became the poster pin up for the Royal Legion and then pursued a new career in the media. 

Cassidy won the nations hearts winning The Peoples Strictly and then has also appeared on stage and in television dramas. 

He is also a natural presenter as can be seen from the previous show “The Little Film Show” and now Rated. 

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Stuart Nunn – Network

Stuart Nunn is playing the role of the Floor Manager in NETWORK staring Bryan Cranston and being directed by Ivo Van Hove. 

Running from November 4th until March 24th 2018 in the Lyttelton Theatre at The National.

Howard Beale, news anchorman, isn’t pulling in the viewers. In his final broadcast he unravels live on screen. But when the ratings soar, the network seize on their newfound populist prophet, and Howard becomes the biggest thing on TV.

Network depicts a dystopian media landscape where opinion trumps fact. Hilarious and horrifying by turns, the iconic film won four Academy Awards in 1976. 

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Robin Kingsland – The Cherry Orchard

Robin is playing the role of ‘Gayev’ in The Cherry Orchard directed by Giles Croft. 

Anton Chekhov’s last and greatest play, The Cherry Orchard, tells the story of a family on the edge of ruin and a country on the brink of revolution. When Ranevskaya returns to her country home – with its famous orchard – she is torn between its past and the future.

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Ken Christiansen – Everybody’s Talking about Jamie

Ken is currently in rehearsals to play the role of Jamie’s dad in the critically acclaimed production of Everybody’s Talking About Jamie at the Apollo Theatre from 6th November. 

A brand new British musical by composer and lyricist duo Dan Gillespie Sells and Tom MacRae, the uplifting coming-of-age story finally arrives in London.

Based on a true documentary, the musical follows sixteen year old Jamie, who resides in a Sheffield council estate. Terrified about the near future and struggling to find his feet after his Dad leaves, Jamie finds it increasingly difficult to fit in at school. But Jamie is destined for something better, brighter and completely sensational. With the help of his ever-supportive Mum and friends, Jamie finds a way to overcome the prejudice and battle the bullies in order to step into the spotlight.

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Sona Vyas – People Just Do Nothing

Sona recently played the role of Janet in series 4 of People Just Do Nothing on BBC One and BBC ThreeThe acclaimed show returns for a fourth series following the lives of the MCs at Kurupt FM (Brentford’s leading pirate radio station).

In this episode Grindah and Steves’ non-stop bender starts to grate on the rest of Kurupt FM. Meanwhile, Miche is thriving and sets her sights on a modelling career for her and Angel. Chabuddy takes Beats shopping for baby stuff. Tensions at the station reach breaking point when a rival radio station is discovered and the boys try to prevent Grindah spiraling out of control.

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David Pendlebury – The Producers

David is playing the role of Mr Marks in the Sell a Door international tour of The Producers directed by Tara Wilkinson from 30th October until 3rd March 2018. 

After his latest Broadway flop, once revered New York producer Max Bialystock is desperate to get to the top of his profession again. In a coincidental turn of events, he finds an unlikely partnership in neurotic Leo Bloom, after Leo muses that an individual could make far more money with a flop of a show than a sure-fire hit. Together, the two set out to produce the worst musical ever to hit Broadway, with the worst script, the worst director, and the worst cast they can find – before heading off into the sunset with the fruits of their misappropriated investment.

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Angelina-Rain Zoubi – The State

Angelina-Rain played the harrowing role of Narin in episodes three and four of the new drama The State which aired in in August & September on Channel 4.

The State follows the experiences of four young men and women who leave their lives behind to join ISIS in Raqqah, Syria. The four-part series follows these four individuals as they experience the harsh reality of life in Raqqah, witnessing horrific atrocities carried out by the regime and the bloody aftermath of air strikes. While some fall into disillusionment and despair, others increase their commitment to the Caliphate.

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Gemma Forbes – The Truth About Lies

Gemma plays the role of Ann in new comedy feature film The Truth About Lies. Which premieres in Los Angeles on October 27th. 

Gilby Smalls is having a meltdown. He’s just been fired from his job, lost his apartment in a fire and his girlfriend gave him the boot. And it’s only Wednesday. Now, at the ripe old age of thirty-something, he is forced to move in with May, his booze-swindling man-obsessed mother. 

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TThThe Truth About Lies explores the potent role lying plays in relationships and life with some surprising results! e Truth About Lies explores the potent role lying plays in relationships and life with some surprising results

Ellie Nunn – When Midnight Strikes

Ellie is playing the role of Josephina in the revival of “When Midnight Strikes” at The Drayton Arms, in South Kensington.

The show opened on October 17th, press night is Oct 24th and the show will run until November 12th.

Presented by MKEC Productions, the company behind successful London Fringe productions of The Baker’s Wife, Lucky Stiff and Birds of Paradise, When Midnight Strikes features music by Charles Miller and book and lyrics by Kevin Hammonds.

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