Steve North – The Essex Serpent

Steve co-stars alongside Claire Danes and Tom Hiddleston in See-Saw Films’ The Essex Serpent, releasing on Apple TV+ on the 13th of May.

An adaptation of Sarah Perry’s award-winning 2016 novel, it follows recently widowed Cora Seaborne (Claire Danes) who takes up palaeontology following the death of her abusive husband.

After hearing rumours of a mythical serpent terrorising a small fishing village in Essex she leaves London to investigate, theorising that what the locals consider an agent of Satan is actually an undiscovered species of dinosaur that survived the extinction.

While searching for the Serpent, she meets and moves in with local pastor Will Ransome (Tom Hiddleston) and his family, forming a tight bond that is frequently tested by their differing views on science and scepticism and, eventually, their romantic desires.

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