Robin Kingsland – The Effect

Robin is co-starring in The Effect, produced by Play With Fire Productions and directed by Jake Murray.

A clinical romance, it focuses on two young volunteers, Tristan and Connie, who agree to take part in a clinical drug trial. Succumbing to the gravitational pull of attraction and love, however, Tristan and Connie manage to throw the trial off-course, much to the frustration of the clinicians involved.

This funny, moving and perhaps surprisingly human play explores questions of sanity, neurology and the limits of medicine, alongside ideas of fate, loyalty and the inevitability of physical attraction.

Toby is the overseer and technically Lorna’s superior within the facility, despite being colleagues once upon a time. He is idealistic and passionate about the efficacy of anti-depressants. He is optimistic and believes in a mental health revolution where drugs will soon cure all that ails peoples minds.

The Effect will be the sixth production from Play With Fire Productions but their first on the Oldham Coliseum’s main stage and their first touring production, performing at both the Oldham Coliseum and The Exchange in North Shields, and will be running in Oldham from September 25-27 in Oldham and from September 11-13 in North Shields. 

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