Reginald Edwards – Brighton Beach Memoirs

Reg is co-starring as Jacob “Jack” Jerome in Neil Simon’s Brighton Beach Memoirs as part of the Frinton Summer Theatre running from the 23rd of July until the 27th.

Directed by Frinton’s General Manager & Co-Artistic Director Edward Max, it tells the semi-autobiographical coming-of-age story of Jewish Polish-American teenager Eugene Morris Jerome living in Depression-era Brighton Beach, the neighbourhood in Brooklyn New York not the British seaside town.

Eugene experiences puberty, sexual awakening and his search of identity all while trying to deal with his unhappy and financially insecure family living under one room including his mother and father, his widowed aunt, his older brother and two cousins. 

Brighton Beach Memoirs is the first of Neil Simon’s “Eugene Trilogy”, continuing with Biloxi Blues and Broadway Bound.

Sadly passing away last August at the age of 91, Simon wrote over 30 plays and has the record for most combined Oscar and Tony nominations of any writer, penning consistently successful plays from 1961 until 2003 garnering the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1991 and having a theatre on Broadway named in his honour in 1983, becoming the only living playwright to receive such an honour.