Norman Sharp – Accountant

Norman is a chartered accountant who has spent many of his recent years working with a range of clients in the industry including producers, agents, actors. Having worked for McLean-Williams Limited for over thirteen years he has forged a meaningful and beneficial working relationship with Alexandra and her team.

Annex Design

Ann from Annex Design has been fortunate to work with Alex for many years, both having met previously in the same media circles of publishing and press & promotions. Annex Design has worked with McLean-Williams Management from day one. Annex is an independent forward thinking, creatively minded business with a love for creating work that gets people noticed – cost effectively! So whether it is a new bespoke identity, simple leaflets, annual report & accounts documents, infographics, a website, a corporate brochure, a monthly newsletter or even a catalogue, Annex really understands the art of getting you or your ideas into print and online.


Joel Kriteman at Carciofino has looked after our website requirements for several years.

His personable manner and service with a smile have kept us up and running as we traverse the information superhighway.

In partnership with Annex Design, Carciofino offers a range of website services and Joel would be very happy to hear from you to discuss your requirements.