Cassidy Little – Tunnel at the End of the Light

Cassidy will be playing the role of Aaron Fitzgerald (FITZ) in Tunnel at the End of the Light at the Alumnae Theatre in Toronto. 

Late November 2022. The night before the funeral of a decorated Afghan veteran, and his
buddies have come together in secret at The Legion, to give their own unique farewell,
dressed as Superheroes, and ready to play Beer Hunter one final time.

But uncertainty hangs over the veteran’s death in a hotel room, and with that uncertainty
comes the lifting of a twelve-year-old lid on who was actually responsible for an ill-fated
patrol in Kandahar Province – Their betrayal, an ambush and a fatal IED.

Now that Eric ‘Top Gun’ McCracken has gone, and without his protection, is this the night
when old scores finally get settled? As the clock ticks down, how many more fatalities will
there be if they don’t learn to forgive and move on?

In this darkly funny and poignant new play by Jonathan Guy Lewis, he explores the very raw
emotions that the veteran community are feeling after the sudden fall of Afghanistan to the
Taliban. What was the point of it all? They thought they were there to make a difference,
for the long haul. But it turns out that was a lie. So… who betrayed who?

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