Alex Magliaro – Alex Rider

Alex features in multiple episodes in the second series of Sony Pictures Television’s Alex Rider, available to stream on Amazon Prime Video and IMDb TV. 

Based on the novel series by Anthony Horowitz, each season tells the story of an individual book with the second series following the events of Horowitz’s third book Eagle Strike. 

It follows the eponymous Alex Rider, a teenage spy recruited by a subdivision of MI6 to infiltrate places and organisations which other agents would be unable to gain access. 

After foiling a plan by a billionaire to kill thousands of schoolchildren through poison computers, a plot by an evil teacher at a school for the children of the ultra-rich to steal their parents’ fortunes and preventing the Triads from fixing the Wimbledon tennis tournament; Alex’s life is in grave danger.

For his own safety MI6 sends him out of the country on a mission to Cuba with two CIA agents, who both turn up dead.

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