Simon Burbage – John Lewis & Partners Christmas Advert 2018

Simon stars as Elton John in his mid to late 30s in this year’s Christmas advert for John Lewis & Partners entitled A Boy and his Piano.

Produced with Sir Elton’s involvement in nearly every stage of production, the Christmas advert from the nationwide department store chain has become something of a Yuletide tradition.

Charting the life of Sir Elton John throughout his life, it starts in the modern day before going all the way back to a family Christmas in Pinner where his parents/Father Christmas have him his very first piano. Before then we see several major events in Elton’s life from a dreary childhood recital, to dazzling friends and family as a teenager by playing like Jerry Lee Lewis, to recording Your Song (the soundtrack to the episode), to performing in front of packed stadiums around the world.

While some have criticised the ad for having nothing to do with Christmas, the true message of the advert is that a lifetime of wonder and success and beauty can all be traced back to a single act of kindness and generosity towards those we love and adore.

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