Nicholas Clarke – Gangsta Baby

Nicholas will be starring in the role of Senior in the upcoming production of Gangsta Baby at The Hope Theatre.

The production will run from 9th – 27th January 2023

The story revolves around the character of Junior. Junior is a queer sex worker in Hastings suffering from PTSD. His life is plunged into further turmoil during a booking with a new client when his father Senior returns home. Why has his father returned? What does he want from his son? And why now?

From debuting writer and performer Cameron Raasdal-Munro, and director Rikki Beadle-Blair MBE, Gangsta Baby explores themes of class, environmental issues, and how being shunned by a parent for being LGBTQIA+ can develop into internalised homophobia.

Gangsta Baby considers how being born into the criminal class affects your worldview and perception of self, and also how addiction can manifest itself in queer and working-class communities. Drawing on on the writer’s experience of living in Hastings, the play highlights the area’s high unemployment, crime and suicide rates, showing how twelve years of austerity has deeply affected the people who live there.

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