Molly Nutley – Thicker Than Water

Molly has recently filmed the Third Series of Erik Lejonborg’s Thicker than Water (Tjockare än vatten) airing on Channel 4 as part of their ‘Walter Presents’ platform later this year. Molly co-stars as Kim Waldemar. 

Three siblings of the Waldemar family have reunited at their mother’s guesthouse in Aaland at the start of the summer. After Anna-Lisa takes her own life the siblings Lasse, Jonna and Oskar discover that her will requires them to spend the season running the family’s guesthouse for a year before any of them can inherit it from her. 

Secrets from 20 years ago and from more recent times are uncovered, as well as one body, as the siblings attempt to overcome their differences for the sake of their mother…and her substantial estate. 

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