Jimmy Gladdon – The Score

Jimmy will be starring in The Score, a new play by Oliver Cotton, directed by Trevor Nunn.

Jimmy is covering the roles of Frederick and Carl with the production running from the 12th – 28th October at the Theatre Royal, Bath.

Legendary stage and screen actor Brian Cox (HBO’s multi-award winning Succession) comes to the Theatre Royal Bath for the very first time, playing Johann Sebastian Bach in the world premiere.

Spring 1747. Potsdam, Prussia. Johann Sebastian Bach reluctantly visits the court of Frederick II, Europe’s most ambitious and dangerous leader.

The two men could hardly be more different. As the Age of Enlightenment dawns, they stand in opposite camps. Bach is deeply religious, Frederick is an atheist. Bach loathes war, Frederick revels in it. Bach studies scripture, Frederick reads military history. Frederick remains in awe of Bach’s genius however and has mischievously prepared a musical conundrum that he hopes will baffle the composer and amuse his court.

The explosive events of the following days could not have been predicted by either man.

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