Jamie Newall – The Sister Boniface Mysteries

Jamie plays Sinclair St John-Smythe in BBC Studios’ The Sister Boniface Mysteries, now on Britbox and UKTV Drama. 

A spin-off of the famous Father Brown detective series based off the short stories by G.K. Chesterton, we head back to the 1960s and follow the eponymous Sister Boniface, who grows wine grapes and solves crimes in the appropriately named rural Warwickshire town of Great Slaughter. 

Hidden away in the Convent of St Vincent is a phenomenal forensic mind who becomes the secret weapon for the Great Slaughter Constabulary’s fight against crime.

Together with Detective Inspector Sam Gillespie and Detective Sergeant Felix Livingstone (who was earmarked for great things in the Metropolitan Police before a clerical error accidentally assigned him to the countryside outpost) they become a crack team getting some of the highest clean-up rates in the country.

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