David Pendlebury – Hello Again

David is set to co-star in Michael John LaCuisa’s Hello Again at The Union Theatre from the 28th of August until the 21st of September.

Adapted from the 1897 play Reigen by Arthur Schnitzler, this new musical explores the fine line between love and lust through a series of dalliances and sexual encounters between ten characters throughout the 20th century. 

This adaptation follows the structure of the original material very closely and includes a highly eclectic score ranging from opera to ’70s disco.

Better known under its French title La Ronde, the play was the absolute scandal of its age. Privately published in 1900 amongst Schnitzler’s friends, it was published publicly in Vienna in 1903 before being swiftly banned by censors.

It wasn’t performed publicly until 1920 in Berlin and then in Vienna in 1921 where its deep scrutiny of the society’s sexual morality and class ideology elicited extremely violent critical and popular reactions, sadly rooted in extremely anti-Semitism with accusations that Schnitzler was a Jewish pornographer and even charges of immorality brought against him in 1921 which were thankfully dismissed.

As a badge of honour (or perhaps dishonour), father of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud wrote to Schnitzler in 1922 saying: ‘You have learned through intuition – though actually as a result of sensitive introspection – everything that I have had to unearth by laborious work on other persons.’

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