Cary Crankson – Silent Night

Cary co-stars as Alan in Break Em Films’ Silent Night, currently available for viewing on Apple TV and Amazon Prime Video!

 Written and directed by Will Thorne, it tells the tale of Mark, fresh out of prison and living in his van, trying to reconnect with his young daughter Daisy by giving her a fabulous Christmas.

While struggling to scrape together the money, he runs into Alan, his former cellmate, who encourages him to get back into his previous life of crime.

This is made all the more pressing by the fact that Caddy, the ruthless crime boss, blackmails Mark by threatening his daughter’s safety if he doesn’t carry out one more job: the deaths of the three Azzi Brothers. 

As Alan begins to play a dangerous game, Caddy loses his patience and a dark secret is revealed, with his card now marked across town, will Mark be able to complete the contract and save his daughter? 

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