Alex Romashov – Fifteen Love

Alex is currently filming for Amazon Prime’s recently announced series, Fifteen Love. 

Prime’s explosive new drama, set to reach our screens in 2023, explores the heightened emotions of love, trust and betrayal in the highly competitive world of elite tennis.

The series follows young tennis prodigy, Justine Pearce who, 5 years after a devastating injury in her teenage career, makes an outstanding allegation against her former coach, Glenn Lapthorn, portrayed by Poldark star, Aidan Turner. Justine’s shocking statement throws the reputation of the elite world of tennis into chaos as relationships and past successes are subsequently questioned and reconsidered. 

This high pace drama is sure to provide an emotional and dramatic ride as it explores the all too real themes of power, betrayal and notorious competitiveness which are seen to ultimately darken the seemingly exciting world of the sporting elite. 

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