Alex Britt – Dumbledore Is So Gay

Alex Britt is playing the role of Jack in Dumbledore is So Gay at The Southwark Playhouse – Borough, running from August 16th until September 23rd.

Jack got sorted into Hufflepuff using the official online quiz, hates studying French, and is in love with his best friend Ollie. Dodging bullies, keeping secrets and trying to get the guy is too much for him to take. So, he changes his story one spellbinding moment at a time in pursuit of making the world a little more magical. Maybe this time he’ll get into Gryffindor.

Winner of the VAULT Festival Origins Award and an short run commendation, the play is returning to the London stage after successful runs at VAULT Festival and Pleasance Islington: advance booking highly recommended.

Disclaimer: Dumbledore Is So Gay is not set in, nor does it feature any characters or plotlines from, the Wizarding World.

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