Amy Allen – Hamlet

Amy co-stars as Marcellus in Shakespeare’s Hamlet at the Petersfield Shakespeare Festival from the 24th to the 28th of July and the Brighton Open Air Theatre from the 29th to the 30th of July. 

Directed by Jake Smith, this rendition of Shakespeare’s revenge classic is made up of a cast of 10 constantly switching roles in the open air amphitheatre at Bedales School in the stunning surrounds of the South Downs before transferring to the Brighton Open Air Theatre (affectionally nicknamed The Boat) for two nights. 

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Deborah Maclaren – Precious Little

Deborah is co-starring as the Gorilla in Madeleine George’s Precious Little running at the Jack Studio Theatre in Brockley from the 29th of May until the 15th of June. 

Directed by Kate Bannister and produced by the team behind the critically acclaimed & Offie-nominated Kes and Lifeboat, it focuses on a woman named Brodie who is expecting her first child.

When she receives unsettling news about her baby the medical professionals provide few answers and her girlfriend just doesn’t get it. 

In search of guidance she finds two unlikely sources – an elderly speaker of a dying language and a gorilla at the local zoo.

This irreverent, witty and original play reveals the beauty and limits of human language. 

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Rebecca Eastham – The Exonerated

Rebecca is starring in Jessica Blank and Erik Jensen’s The Exonerated, directed by Joseph Houston and running at the Hope Mill Theatre in Manchester from the 6th to the 16th of June. 

Taken from interviews, letters, transcripts, case files and the public record; it tells the true stories of 6 wrongfully convicted survivors of death row in their own words.

Going between first-person monologues, courtrooms and prisons these 6 interwoven stories paint a picture of an American criminal justice system gone horrible wrong and of 6 brave souls persevering to survive it. 

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Thomas Wright – Game of Thrones

Thomas was in the climactic 8th season of HBO’s world-conquering blockbuster Game of Thrones, appearing in the 3rd episode during the cataclysmic Battle of Winterfell (aka the Long Night which explains how chuffing dark it was!) as one of the Night King’s lieutenants.

Based off the best-selling A Song of Ice and Fire series of novels by George R.R. Martin, the story of the maelstrom of back-stabbings and double-crosses within the Seven Kingdoms have captivated and astounded audiences for nearly a decade. 

Set between the two continents of Westeros and Essos, it follows several different characters which have now become household names such as Jon Snow, Cersei Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen as they try to unite a fractured nation which has been at each other’s throats for centuries to fight against the vile and unending onslaught of the dead lead by the White Walkers and the Night King while trying to maintain their own bases of power from those who would take it for themselves. 

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Anneli Page -tHe dYsFUnCKshOnalZ!

Anneli co-stars as yankee PR guru Gina in Mike Packer’s tHe dYsFUnCKshOnalz! running at the Hen & Chickens Theatre in Islington from the 28th of May to the 1st of June.

This touching, sad, hilarious, dangerous and unfathomably offensive play about the world’s unluckiest punk-rockers premiered to rave reviews at the Bush Theatre in 2007 before going on to be performing in three continents including a long-running rep at the Sovremennik Theatre in Moscow under the name Anarchy.

In 1977 Punk was king. One of the bands bringing Anarchy to the UK was tHe dYsFUnCKshOnalz! However, after his fellow bandmates left Billy Abortion bleeding to death in a Copenhagen hotel room the band imploded. Flash-Forward to 2007 and Billy is back from the dead and stuck stacking shelves.

With such a major obstacle in the former-band members’ relationships surely nothing can bring them back together – until a major American corporation walks in wanting to pay the band a small fortune for the rights to their anarchist anthem ‘Plastic People.’

With such an attractive offer on the table all of the fellow band-members including Mark Faeces and Louise Gash come out of the woodwork looking for a slice of the pie. 

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Lizzie Mounter – Who Cares

Lucy is starring as Nicole in LUNG Theatre’s Who Cares, touring across the UK this June – starting at the Folkstone Quarterhouse and ending at the Arts Depot in London. 

Written by Matt Woodhead and co-produced by the Lowry in Salford, it was made in partnership with the Greater Manchester Charity & Gaddum’s Salford Carers Service and tells the story of 3 young carers.

Adapted from real-life testimonies, this powerful piece of verbatim theatre debuted in 2016 at The Lowry before touring around Britain at 27 non-traditional locations such as youth centres and schools before ending with a performance at the House of Lords in Westminster which “knocked MPs sideways.”

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Boris Heistand – Bulletproof

Boris guest-stars as Dutch police officer Hans in Season 2 of Sky One’s Bulletproof returning to British screens later this year.

Starring Noel Clarke and Ashley Walters, it follows two NCA detectives and best friends Aaron Bishop and Ronnie Pike Jr. who investigate some of the country’s most dangerous and notorious criminals including traffickers, drug dealers and armed robbers, all while being watched with a careful eye by their boss Sarah Tanner (played by Lindsey Coulson)

Hans is a straight shooting, straight talking Dutch police officer, intent on bringing guilty parties to justice. He is tech savvy and professional, but just as physically capable when called into action.

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