OLISSA ROGERS – Casting Director

Olissa began her career in casting in Germany, back in 2008, where she mainly worked as a Casting Director in TV, working with Constantin Entertainment.
In 2016 Olissa met casting director Jeremy Zimmerman and worked as his Casting Assistant, working on several film projects with him. Since then Olissa has worked with highly respected casting directors.
She was Casting Assistant to Kharmel Cochrane for commercials and TV/Film Projects, Casting Associate to Theo Park and until March 2020 she was working as Casting Associate for Amy Hubbard.
Olissa Rogers was working as casting associate at Fiona Weir Casting up until March 2022.
Some of her recent casting credits include Emmy Award Winning‘Ted Lasso’ (Apple TV), ‘Brassic’ (SKY), ‘We Are Who We Are’ (HBO) and Criminal UK (Netflix).
Furthermore, Olissa is the only European Casting Associate who has been accepted into the CSA Mentorship Flagship Program (September 2020-December 2020) sponsored by the CSA BIPOC Alliance, where she was matched with the famed casting director and philanthropist Rosalie Joseph. (The CSA created the Rosalie Joseph Humanitarian Award, thanking her for her tireless humanitarian efforts and service) In this mentorship program, Rosalie has shared her insight and knowledge with Olissa, especially when it comes to working towards diversity in the Casting Industry.