Roslyn Hill – Susu The Movie

Susu is a Chinese-British thriller directed by Yixi Sun. It follows the story of two Chinese girls who are offered a film translation job at a secluded, old English mansion. There they discover gruesome family secrets and learn about the traumatised past of the Kunqu opera star Susu. They try to escape from the evil they have uncovered, but to their horror, soon realise that the mansion and the family who live there, do not want to let them go.

Roslyn plays the role of Joia Ross, who is a writer and teacher in History of Music,who is writing a biography of the Kunqu opera star Susu. She visits the mansion while doing research for the biography and fnds out a little more than she bargained for.

The film has so far been selected for The Montreal Film Festival ’17 & The Berlinale Film Festival ’18

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