Robyn Wilson – Eigengrau

Robyn stars as the role of Rose in the production of Eigengrau at the Greenwich Theatre from 30th July to the 11th August. 

Eigengrau / [ay-gen-gr-ow ] – noun. intrinsic light; the colour seen by the eye in perfect darkness.

In a city where Gumtree can feel like your closest friend, looking for the right person can lead you to all the wrong places.

Rose believes in true love and leprechauns.

Cassie believes in the power of change.

Mark believes in the power of marketing.

Tim believes in nothing at all.

New Light Productions’ 2018 revival of Penelope Skinner’s whirlwind of a play dives into four London lives, swinging from flat to flat, karaoke bar to Eastbourne Pier, asking us what we really believe in, and what we are prepared to sacrifice to get it.

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