Reginald Edwards – Scouse: A Comedy of Terrors

Reg is currently in rehearsals for the role of Macka in the production of Scouse: A Comedy of Terrors at The Dome in Liverpool from November 17th to December 15th.

The Liverpool People’s Party calls for Liverpool to be recognised as an independent republic by the UN, the EU, NATO and UEFA. The UK government objects and sends in the army…

“The people of Liverpool, and the Liverpool People’s Party, invite the Prime Minister to mind his own business.   Here in Liverpool, we’re nearer to space than we are to London.  London is two hundred miles away; space is only one hundred miles away. People here pay as much heed to the Prime Minister as we do to the man in the moon.” – Macka

SCOUSE (A COMEDY OF TERRORS) was first performed at the Everyman Theatre in February 1997 to sell out audiences.

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