Mollie Gallagher & Vicky Myers – Coronation Street

Throughout 2021,, Mollie and Vicky were both at the epicentre of an InsideSoap Award-winning storyline of ITV’s Coronation Street

Mollie plays recurring character Nina Lucas, the goth niece of cafe owner and Weatherfield veteran Roy Cropper, who has been helping her uncle run his business.

Ever since she was introduced in late 2019, Mollie has quickly found a soft spot in the nation’s hearts, winning the award for Best Serial Drama Performance at the National Television Awards in 2021 and Best Newcomer at the InsideSoap Awards in 2020.

Taking inspiration from the real-life murder of Sarah Lancaster in 2007, Mollie and her boyfriend Seb (played by Harry Visinoni) were savagely attacked by a group of local kids that left them with several grievous injuries, claiming the life of Seb and leaving Nina in intensive care for several days. 

Vicky is played guest regular DC Swain, the police detective in charge of investigating the event.

This storyline touched on incredibly intense and hard-hitting themes and issues like hate-crime, discrimination, grief, loss, prejudice and survivor’s guilt. 

ITV Granada worked in partnership with the Sarah Lancaster Foundation, the charity set up by Sarah’s mother Sylvia in her honour to fight for tolerance and acceptance for all, to bring these issues to the general public at large and fight for change. 

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