McLean-Williams @ The Edinburgh Fringe

The world’s largest arts festival has started and will end on the 27th of August and we are proud to have 3 of our clients taking part this year! 

Alex Dee – After Today

Alex stars as Bill Grundy in Tim Connery & Doug Kirby’s two-hander After Today.

Following the disastrous yet now iconic interview Grundy conducted with the Sex Pistols on Today in December 1976, the rude and flippant punk rockers were propelled into stardom while Grundy’s career and reputation was decimated. 3 years later, Bill is presenting a dull show about castles directed by Julian, played by Ankur Sengupta. He must now survive the castle/Julian-based drudgery while he reminisces about that fabled interview and eulogies on youth, middle age, drinking, the decline of society and those unemployable louts who ruined his career.

This drama/black comedy is at PQA Venues @ Riddles Court (Venue No.) at 3pm throughout the Festival. 

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Dami Olukoya – The Forecast

Dami stars as Aramide in Limbik Theatre’s The Forecast.

Set in a dystopian near future, it follows four women from opposite corners of the globe. Fleeing war, poverty, debt and environmental destruction, they have been employed by a family as the latest consumer craze and status symbol for the middle-class: living human garden ornaments. Inspired by Booker Prize winner George Saunder’s short story The Semplica Girl Diaries, it asks big questions about what kind of society we are hurtling towards, where the logic of post-truth capitalism ends, and what people are willing to sacrifice for a better life.

Returning from a successful Fringe run in 2017, this potent and fascinating show will be at Zoo Charteris (Venue No. 124) at 6pm from the 13th to the 26th of August

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Pernilla Holland – Pop Ditz

Pernilla is returning to Edinburgh with her one-woman show Pop Ditz.

It’s a contemporary clown and character show about pop culture, obsessions and freedom of expression performed by one ditsy Norwegian. A patchwork of visual surrealism, observations, and idiocy through comedy, music and movement.

This unique and hilarious comedy will be at Just the Tonic at The Grassmarket Centre (Venue No. 27) at 10pm throughout the Fringe (excluding the 13th).

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