Mary Lincoln – Autopsy: The Last Hours of Tammy Wynette

Mary played the role Country Icon Tammy Wynette  in Autopsy: The Last Hours of… Tammy Wynette, coming to Channel 5.

Having already aired on Reelz in the US back in September 2018, it is a documentary-style show investigating the tragic, controversial and sudden death of  Tammy Wynette is known as the First Lady of Country Music and is recognised alongside Loretta Lynn and Dolly Parton as having defined the role of female musicians within both country and pop music during the 1970s.

On April 6th 1998 Wynette was found dead on her sofa in her Nashville home, apparently dying of a blood clot in her lung. She was 55. Despite consistent hospital visits and persistent illnesses, she continued to perform until shortly before her death. Over 1500 people showed up to her memorial in Nashville. However, there has been great controversy as to how she died, resulting in her body being exhumed in April 1999 and a new autopsy conducted after three of Wynette’s daughters filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Tammy’s doctor and husband/manager George Richey. 

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