Leila Birch – Doctors

Leila is currently guest-starring as the returning Lisa Torres in BBC’s long-running daytime drama Doctors, airing on BBC One at 13:45 every lunchtime. 

Lisa was a talented dancer throughout her early teenage years but she soon found she didn’t have the dedication to go professional. Instead, she used it as her ticket to go travelling, teaching Salsa to pay her way. Lisa is attractive, outgoing and fun loving. She loves that her job brings fun and flirtation into people’s lives and she enjoys the nocturnal nature of her lifestyle. Lisa isn’t promiscuous but she lives for the moment and if she finds herself with a powerful attraction to a man in her class, she doesn’t always say no. This spontaneity is at the heart of her personality and she never makes any plans for the future.

Lisa met Daniel (played by Matt Chambers) at a nightclub many years ago, they ended up having a very enjoyable one-night stand. Neither Lisa nor Daniel had any thought of a relationship growing out of this dalliance and so it was with great shock that Lisa discovered several months later that she was pregnant. Lisa knew that she wanted to keep the baby and that she didn’t want any involvement from Daniel but she made few plans for its arrival and didn’t particularly change her lifestyle to accommodate. Baby Isabel was therefore a great shock to Lisa but on the whole she was a loving and reasonably committed mother. Lisa has recently suffered with depression after hearing that her parents were unwell.

She sought out Daniel’s name remembering that he was a Doctor. She took the radical step of leaving Isabel in his care while she went to her parents’ bedside, although he was a virtual stranger to her.

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