Kerri Hedley-Cheney – Showtrial

Kerri featured in a recurring role in World Productions’ current courtroom drama Showtrial, available on BBC. 

Produced by the same team as the police corruption blockbuster Line of Duty, this tense drama/black comedy explores how prejudice, politics and the media have the power to easily distort the legal process. 

Set and filmed on location in Bristol, it follows the trial of Talia Campbell, an estranged daughter of a wealthy property developer, after she’s charged with conspiring to murder fellow uni student Hannah Ellis.

Going from arrest to crown court, the case plays out right in front of the news cameras, dragging the victim, the accused and their families into a mass media maelstrom.

Turning down assistance from her father, Talitha turns to Cleo Roberts, the duty solicitor on the night of her arrest, and asks her to lead a defence against a prosecution going at her guns blazing using her gender and social privilege as ammunition.

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