Femi Houghton – False Witness

Femi will be playing the role of Doug Linley in False Witness movie directed by Tom Sands. 

When a Mia Hoffman witnesses the brutal murder of a policeman, amnesia kicks in, and prevents her from remembering the details.She knows that she witnessed the murder – but nothing more. As her life deteriorates, she seeks help from an expert psychiatrist Franklin Spitz, who runs group sessions, behind closed doors, to help people like Mia access their memories.

Doug started in the police force as a cop – but then became an ambulance driver.He suffers from PTSD from seeing all the appalling injuries the victims he attended to had suffered. Mia and Doug are brought together with various other PTSD sufferers in a closely confined workshop course. 

But things are not at all that they appear…

Just who are these other patients? – and does Franklin, infact, have an agenda of his own?

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