Edward Richards – GET YOUR SH*T TOGETHER

Edward is appearing in the lead role of Alex in Deadpan Theatre’s new musical comedy GET YOUR SH*T TOGETHER at the Landor Theatre from 15th-27th September 2015.

Alex is not in a good way. His girlfriend has left him for morning TV’s Breakfast Dave, he’s been suspended from work following a regrettable incident with a staple gun and has just moved in to his new home – a room behind a pub where local band ‘Ernest and the Keen Beans’ rehearse loudly and endlessly for their upcoming gig. His sisters, dry and emotionless Lana and the ‘human embodiment of prozac’ Annabelle, are on hand to help their brother move in and move on, whether he likes it or not.

A sparkling new comedy musical featuring Secret Santa, some ill-advised papier mache and a band with show-stealing intentions, Get Your Sh*t Together is some of the very best in new British musical theatre.

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