Diljohn Singh – Guards At The Taj

Diljohn is currently in rehearsals to play  the role of Humayun in the Vienna Theatre Project’s production of Guards at the Taj. The play will run from 26th April until 9th May in Theater Drachengasse. 

In the India of 1648, two Imperial Guards watch from their post as the sun rises for the first time on the newly-completed Taj Mahal. It’s an event that shakes their respective worlds.

Humayun and Babur are forced to face some difficult truths about their position in society. No one is allowed to see the Taj before its completion, and no one should be able to build anything so beautiful ever again. So when they are ordered to perform an unthinkable task, the outcome forces them to question the concepts of friendship, beauty, and duty, and it changes them forever.

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