Dean Kilbey – Innocent Candy

Dean is featured in the feature film Innocent Candy, releasing later this year. It’s written by and starring TV and stage actors Stefan Michaels and Stacey J Gough and produced by Skegness-based Clock Tower Films Ltd. 

Featuring Anthony Costa, Eastenders’ John Altman and Danielle Harold and The Bill’s Eddie Peel, it tells the story of two friends known as Hamilton Candy and The Bishop. Both men have severe mental scars with Hamilton traumatised by the murder of his wife and daughter while The Bishop was abused by his father and convinced he is an abject sinner in the eyes of God.

After a job goes wrong the only witness is a young girl called Ruby who Hamilton saves from death at the hands of Bishop. Hamilton now has a chance of redemption and a second chance at being a father and choosing love and compassion over hate and violence. All the while they are pursued by zealous Bishop, himself in deep conflict over the need to punish or love his closest friend, killing all those who get in the way. 

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