Dean Kilbey – Cleaning Up

Dean features as Derek in the second episode of ITV’s brand-new 6-part drama Cleaning Up, debuting on the 9th of January at 9pm on ITV1. 

Written by Mark Marlow, Cleaning Up stars BAFTA award-winner Sheridan Smith as working class mother-of-two Sam, a contract cleaner in a corporate office in Canary Wharf, who finds herself drowning in debt as a result of her addiction to internet gambling sites directly targeted at women all while her ex is trying to Gain sole custody of her children.

However, when she discovers that her position gives her unparalleled access to the world of the stock market, and, coupled with the fact that the bankers and businessmen barely acknowledge her existence, she tries to use her valuable stock market information to insider-trade her way out of her money troubles.  

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