Dean Kilbey – All the Money in the World

Dean is featured in the newly released Ridley Scott-directed crime thriller All the Money in the World. Based off John Pearson’s  biography on the American oil magnate  John Paul Getty, it tells the story of the kidnapping of Getty’s grandson, John Paul Getty III, in 1973 by the Italian crime syndicate ‘Ndrangheta and the efforts by his mother Gail Harris and ex-CIA operative Fletcher Chase to save John Paul Getty III either by hunting down the kidnappers or handing over the exorbitant $17 million ransom that Harris’ father-in-law steadfastly refuses to pay. 

Starring Michelle Williams as Gail Harris, Mark Wahlberg as Fletcher Chase, Charlie Plummer as John Paul Getty III and Christopher Plummer as John Paul Getty, All the Money in the World opens in all major cinemas on the 5th of January 2018.  

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