Dami Olukoya – The Forecast

Dami stars as Aramide in Limbik Theatre’s The Forecast which has just wrapped at the Edinburgh Fringe and will be going to Liverpool, Doncaster, Halifax and York over the next few months.

Set in a dystopian near future, The Forecast follows four women from four corners of the globe. Fleeing war, poverty, debt and environmental destruction, they have been employed by a family as the latest consumer craze and status symbol for middle-class households: Living, human garden ornaments. Inspired by Booker Prize winner George Saunders’ short story  “The Semplica Girl Diaries,” The Forecast asks big questions about what kind of society we are hurtling towards, where the logic of post-truth capitalism ends, and what people are willing to sacrifice for a better life. 

Back home in Nigeria, Dami’s character Aramide was a princess; her father a big-time sunflower farmer. She grew up in a compound, a well-educated child of privilege. But then the war came, and this “job” offered her a way out. Proud, educated, intelligent, she is here to survive and play by the rules. She has a biting sense of humour, endures her colleagues, and wants nothing from them in return. But when the war ends before her contract is up, her hopes and fears for her family and husband overwhelm her rational, calculating manner.

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