Corrado Invernizzi – The Name of the Rose

Corrado co-stars as the Minister General of the Franciscans Michele di Cesena in Rai and BBC’s adaptation of Umberto Ecco’s best-selling novel The Name of the Rose, currently airing on BBC 2 Fridays at 9pm.

Released in 1980, Ecco’s debut novel is one of the best selling books ever published selling over 50 million copies worldwide and was listed at number 14 in Le Monde’s 100 Books of the Century.

This adaptation will be an 8-part series directed by Giacomo Battiato & starring John Turturro (who also executive produced and co-scripted the show), Rupert Everett and Damian Hardung.

Opening in 1327 near the wealthy port-city of Pisa, the story unfolds during a period of civil war in Italy between those who supported the Papacy (known as the Guelphs) and those who supported the the Holy Roman Empire (known as the Ghibelines).

Adso of Melk (Hardung), the young son of a German general, wishes to pursue the pious life of a monk while his father orders him to join the army and become a warrior.

Frustrated with his lot in life he runs away from the camp of his father’s army to the city of Florence, where he has a chance encounter with a learned and intelligent English Franciscan friar by the name of William of Baskerville (Turturro). Impressed by Adso’s determination and passion, William takes him on as a novice.

The new pairing make their way to a nearby Benedictine monastery only to find the usually quiet solemn place in disarray – the corpse of one of their brethren has just been discovered. 

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