Charlie Young – The Wasp

Charlie starred in the brilliant new two-hand psychological thriller from The Theatre Collective, The Wasp,  at the Hope Mill Theatre in Manchester that ran from 12th to the 16th of June. 

This play was the debut production by The Theatre Collective, a collaboration of theatre makers who are joining resources, networks and skills to produce top-quality independent productions.  Top-Quality indeed as it garnered a slew of rave reviews!

The Wasp follows two old school friends who have since had completely different lives. Heather, played by Charlie, is successful, glamorous with a big house in a happy, albeit childless, marriage. Carla, played by Debbie Brannan, is pregnant with her with fifth child and struggles to make a living. When the pair meet up again after 20 years later it’s not to reminisce about their old school days. Instead, Heather presents Carla with a bag full of cash and a very unexpected proposition.

This is the kind of play to which you owe yourself to know as little about as possible but just know that it’s shocking and thrilling yet darkly comical psychological thriller whose surprise twists and turns will leave you dumbstruck.  

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