Anna Lavrenteva – Tetris

Anna has joined the cast for Marv Films’ upcoming Tetris biopic, releasing on Apple TV+ later in 2022. 

Directed by Jon S. Baird and starring Taron Egerton, Roger Allam and Anthony Boyle; it will tell the story of how the iconic video game went from a fun side-project by a Russian computer engineer recreating a favourite game from his childhood to the second best-selling video game franchise of all time (behind Super Mario), available on practically every electronic device ever invented and becoming so popular it has its own medical syndrome caused by relentlessly playing it. 

Along the way, it will involve immense corporate battles for ownership of the game involving backroom dealings with Soviet premier Mikhail Gorbachev, and publishing rights pitting Japanese video game titan Nintendo against British publisher Mirrorsoft owned by notorious businessman and fraudster Robert Maxwell. 

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