Anna Lavrenteva – Life After Life

Anna guest-stars as Erika Appleyard in BBC One’s upcoming four-part series Life After Life.

Based off the best-selling novel by Kate Atkinson, adapted by award-winning screenwriter Bash Doran, and produced by the company behind Brexit: An Uncivil War; it focuses on Ursula Todd, who dies one night in 1910 only to be born again on the same night. Afterwards she finds herself again and again living and dying in different circumstances only to be reborn into different iterations of her life once more.

The story will see Ursula navigating through critical moments in the 20th century including two World Wars, a run-in with a certain Austrian named Adolph, and plenty of major life events.

Anna’s character Erika is Ursula’s neighbour and a mother to a small child trapped in an abusive relationship during the horror of the Blitz. 

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