Amit Dhut- Punjabi Boy

Amit will be featuring in the production of Punjabi Boy at the Hounslow Arts Centre from the 5th until the 24th July.

Gary (Gurinder) and Bob are best friends growing up in Hounslow and while Bob (Balvinder) is your archetypal ‘Punjabi Boy’ who’s loud, enjoys eating Tandoori chicken and drinking whisky. Gary likes to spend his days reading Jean-Paul Sartre and speaking French.

Gary wants to find his place in the world, so he escapes West London and his own Punjabi community to study in France. Here, he discovers for the first time in his life that being Indian is interesting! However, when he falls for Aurelie, the first girl he meets, life starts to get complicated in ways he never imagined. Can Gary find love and a home in France or will he return to England and his own community?

Directed by Mukul Ahmed, Punjabi Boy is a recipient of the BBC Writersroom10 award for new writing. The play explores Asian masculinity, relationships and friendship. “I wanted to write a play about an Asian lad who speaks French. I’d never seen that before and it inspired me,” says writer, Amman Brar whose life is not too dissimilar to that of Gary’s. Brar grew up in Hounslow and later went to the University of Nantes, where he smoked Gauloises cigarettes, drank coffee and read Sartre, while studying for a degree in European economics. He argues that there are not enough plays about “sensitive Asian men” and set out to put that right.

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