Adam Lilley and Lizzie Muncey – The Mousetrap

Adam and Lizzie co-star in Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap at St Martin’s Theatre.

The longest-running play in the history of the West End, this iconic murder-mystery has been performed over 26,000 times since its London debut in November 1952. 

Agatha Christie famously thought that the show didn’t have any legs. She notes in her autobiography that she, in a conversation with the show’s original producer Peter Saunders, said: “It won’t run that long. Eight months perhaps. Yes, I think eight months.”

It would break the longest run for a straight play in the West End by September 1957 with Noël Coward sending Christie a telegram begrudgingly saying “Much as it pains me I really must congratulate you…”

The Mousetrap also makes history for having an original cast member survive every single cast change since its opening night. Original cast member Deryck Guyler can still be heard reading a radio news bulletin during the show via a recording. 

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