Jean-Baptiste Fillon – EastEnders

Jean-Baptiste has just filmed a guest role in an episode of EastEnders as a warm and very charming Maitre D’. 

Jean-Baptiste can also be seen in the series of C4, Film 4 idents for Boursin Cheese as Alain.

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Emily Céline Thomson – Flood

Emily will be playing the role of Jess in Tom Harwell’s new play Flood

Adam is drowning. His small village has flooded and his loved ones have all moved closer to the capital in search of something better. 

Stranded on an island of nostalgia, whiskey bottle in hand, Adam is forced to confront his future when those closest to him return after the death of his Mum. Upon their arrival, repressed truths and unsettling secrets are revealed. Flood is a complex and humane portrayal of a group of friends struggling to define themselves beyond the confines of their small town.

When the water keeps rising, how do you stay afloat?

This new comedy drama by playwright Tom Hartwell is Paper Creatures Theatre’s debut production. 

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Jean-Baptiste Fillon & Jason Squibb – Poldark

Jean-Baptiste Fillon and Jason Squibb will both be appearing in Season 3 of Poldark due to be transmitted later this year. 

Jason Squibb plays the recurring role of Reverend Odgers who we first met in season 1. Jean-Baptiste plays the recurring role of Thibault le Hardy during the French Revolution. 

Poldark is a brooding drama set in 18th-century Cornwall, adapted from Winston Graham’s novels.

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