Genius Premieres April 23 with Thomas Morris

Genius premieres on April 23 on National Geographic at 9pm with Thomas playing the role of Ernst.

Genius is a show that explores the turbulent journey of the physicist who would grow to become the icon: Albert Einstein. Fiercely independent, innately brilliant, eternally curious, Einstein changed the way we view the universe. Consequently, this series will change the way we view Einstein. From his early failures and achievements in the world of academics to his emotionally fraught search for love and human connection, the ten-part event paints a portrait of the real Albert Einstein in all his complexity.

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Rave Reviews for Ellie Nunn in Honk!

Ellie Nunn’s wonderful performance in HONK! at The Union Theatre in the role of Ida has received the highest praises from the critics. Along with everyone involved. HONK! will run at The Union Theatre until April 22nd. 

Ellie Nunn excels as mother duck Ida, whose warmth and selfless love for all her babies lies at the heart of the action. Nunn packs in plenty of humour, grumbling about her wayward husband Drake (Leon Scott), but it’s her maternal ties to her lost child that give the production its emotional punch.” 

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