Hetty Baynes Russell – Cordelia

Hetty will be Mrs. Grotowski in Adrian Shergold’s upcoming psychological thriller Cordelia, slated for a 2019 release. 

Produced by The Shape of Water‘s Sally Hawkins and Starring Antonia Campbell-Hughes as the titular Cordelia, it tells the story of a young actress who happened to be on a London Tube train that was attacked by terrorists during 7/7. She now lives in a basement flat in a not-too-nice part of London with her twin sister Caroline and her sister’s boyfriend Matt and has to cope with those two, a stalker, and neighbours including a mysterious cello player and the eccentric Mr Moses, played by Michael Gambon.

All of this, exacerbated by the overwhelming survivor’s guilt from her experience in 2005, comes to a head as Caroline and Matt go away for the weekend. We follow Cordelia for this weekend as she tries to keep to her usual routine but her mind starts to slowly unravel and, as she attempts to keep her fragile mind together, she starts to question whether certain events are real or entirely in her own head.

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